About us

St Paul’s is a progressive, family-size congregation in the inner east of Brisbane. We like to think of ourselves as a place of hope, support, guidance and inspiration. We each strive to grow in our faith and to take our God given gifts into the world to make it a kinder, gentler and more compassionate and joy-filled place.

“You guys are special… I’m so glad we’ve connected”
A Neighbour

Our Vision

Our hope in Christ is to be a growing, welcoming and caring Church:

  • God at the centre of our endeavours;
  • teaching highly relevant to the life of each Parishioner;
  • a commitment to ministry of the people by the people;
  • a style of worship that is diverse, including “boutique” ministries;
  • outreach that caters for the needs of the community from which we draw our people.
Our Values

As a faith community, striving to reflect the love of Jesus, we believe that it is important to have clear principles to help focus our perspectives, shape our direction and guide our decision-making.  We subscribe to these values in serving and honouring God:

  • adherence to Christian values in all that we do;
  • an acceptance of differences and a commitment to equality;
  • an environment where everyone can feel safe in questioning, inquiring and searching for answers to address spiritual issues and to shape their pilgrimage as Christians;
  • serving and caring for one another as the basis of a loving community.
Our Beliefs

We take our faith seriously and, as Anglicans should, we appeal to Scripture, Tradition and Reason (and Experience) to nurture our faith.  This means we believe in the Bible and take it seriously though not literally.  We pay attention to what mystics, saints, scholars and theologians have said about the meaning of their lives, the meaning in scripture and how to understand church doctrine. We promote open, honest searching for truth in a spirit of humility and respect.