A place to belong


Whether you are a spiritual seeker or a seasoned disciple, a skeptic or a saint, whether you are Baptist, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Presbyterian or a ‘cradle Anglican’ or have never been to church before, you are welcome to come as you are to worship with us here at St Paul’s.

We hope you will feel at home among us. Young or old, LGBTQI or straight, we embrace all individuals, couples and families as God’s children and fellow life pilgrims as we continue to grow and develop and discover what it means to be a church in the third millennium.

We pray that we can be as hospitable, inclusive and compassionate as Jesus encouraged his first disciples to be so that everyone feels welcomed and included.

We don’t always agree but we manage to get along, have some fun and encourage each other as we strive to be the Body of Christ in this part of God’s creation.

Worship with us

Our main parish worship is on a Sunday at 8.30 am (Winter - Anzac Day to September) and 8.00 am (Summertime - the remainder).